Sunday, June 10, 2012

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     In conclusion, in MLK Chaos or Community (1967), King offers some data to make several points about Civil Rights. When the constitution was written, he repeats “the negro was only 60 percent of a person” (6). Meaning that Black Americans were not counted as a whole person, just as a piece of the entire pie since they were not represented equally if compared to White Americans. King even goes on to state that the rate of infant mortality among African Americans is double that of whites, that twice as many African Americans fought in Vietnam(and that twice as many die) Sadly, even today those statistics have not changed much since the mortality rates of African American infants have not changed much. The infant mortality rate of African American is 13.3 per 1,000 born in 2007 according to (CDC 2011). African Americans has the highest infant mortality compared with non-Hispanic white. Meaning that African Americans had 2.4 times the infant mortality rate as non-Hispanic white one of the main causes of it are low-birth weight and maternal complications, among others. On the other hand, recent statitistics show that white births are not longer a majority in the United States. On -Hispanic Whites accounted for 49.6 percent while minorities reached 50.4 percent New York Times. This means that minorities are about to become the new majority in the United States history

Thursday, May 17, 2012

blog four- response to another student

Hi, my name is Carla and I am a student in professor Rogers Cooper English 101 class. Firstly, your blog is very informative in terms of food facts. In your first opening paragraph you mention all of the Dr Kessler’s claims, but you didn’t explain the quotes. Keep in mind that although you know all of his claims, the reader may not know them, so it is always good to just briefly explain each claims you are arguing or talking about it. Moreover, I would like to know more about your OWN point of views relating to Dr Kessler’ arguments. Furthermore, I lost you when you mention the “Cafo System” because you didn’t give an explanation or a topic sentence to support it. Why don’t you paraphrase Dr Kessler theory in connection to “Cafo System” and write your own views to it. Also I can see that you mostly wrote what Kessler said in the text. A blog is also writing about your own ideas and what you think or believe is right. Overall, I feel as though your blog has met the assignment requirement. Best of luck on your future blogs.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Martin Luther King and Stokely Carmichael's templates

In the 1960s and 1970s black leaders Martin Luther King and Stokely Carmichael cooperated to obtain the Afro Americans civil rights, king's leaned on the nonviolence philosophy while Carmichael agreed in the using of violence as a form of defense.king argued that nonviolence actions lead to no destruction and murders, instead it caused discipline, morality and courage among people.he celebrated the  fact that one's got to fight violence with love and dignity to be able to achieve a common purpose or goal. he was a man who wanted to fight in the most peaceful manner, full of compassion, love and mercy. by reading his nonviolence philosophy, concluded that one of his main message are to forgive others, change things and that we must work towards an understanding.furthermore, what a bloody and intense riots didn't produced, a passive and peaceful march did it( Civil Rights). on the other hand, Carmichael echoed were opposite from king's own prospective because he seems to be more concerned about using the force in a emotional intensity, without concerning about  morality or "special" feelings.

Malcom X

Malcolm X was an important historical figure who struggled to defend black people's rights and freedom.
 1964 was a year where many African Americans were fighting to be able to achieve the voting right. Malcolm x on his arguments about police brutality towards black argued that blacks always had lived with frustration, and on his the "bullet or the Ballot" speech argued about how white politicians deceived blacks with vain hopes and wishes.
Malcolm X in his "the bullet or the ballot" speech strongly argued that if the government keep depriving full human rights or equally towards blacks, it was the time for them to rebel against white politicians and their false commitment.furthermore, he emphasized that the government itself was the responsible for oppressing and depriving black Americans by not giving them their own natural and voting rights.
Malcolm X also argued on police brutality towards African Americans, he said that they were hardly brutalized and frightened by whites hand without any remorse and compassion towards blacks.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

film's templates

These ideas of civil rights and black power are further described in film black power mixtape.Black Power Mixtape is a powerful reminder of what the black power movement was about and what it was trying to the film leaders like Stokely Carmichael, Angela Davis, , and Eldridge Cleaver were making headlines, with modern voices threaded through it, expressing the influence the time and those leaders had.the main ideas in the film its talk of revolution, national liberation and armed struggle,frustration and terrible destruction.The film begins at a moment when the concept of black power was promoted by Stokely Carmichael, in other hand he wasn't agree with martin luther king's nonviolent philosophy.instead, stokely, is remembered for the militancy of his views and his confrontational, often slashingly witty speeches.

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Blog three; response to the blogs of another student

HI Jessica, my name is Carla i am student in professor Rogers-Cooper English 101 class. i like what you put down for your "Farm to Fridge" Summary, your main points or idea are very informative, but i feel that they're sort of shorts.You mention "how piglets are castrated" and their treatment,but i would have liked to to learn more about your views, for example, you could elaborate on your decision to side more with James Cromwell.i like how you put together the clip,book and the interviews(well organized.Moreover,it would have been nice if you use direct quotations to support your summary and main ideas.Lastly, you wouldn't change anything, but just add more about your own views.overall, i feel as though your blog has met the assignment of luck for you.

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Carla Mendoza
English 103
Second 2 blogg
     Archives visited was a very interesting visit because it introduced us to know about whats the word” archives” meant. First able, when i thought about archives, it came to my mind things about document and important paper resources. The word archive means to maintain and collect primary resources about a special theme. Also it consists of permanent records or long-term preservation documents. Priminary sources are the first source of information, from which you can gather basic facts that will lead you to investigate further, such as; encyclopedia, letters, advertiment, photos, speeches and autobiography among others. By visiting the Lagaurdia Wagner archives I learned about mayor f. Wagner, he was an American senate politician who created the history of the organized labor in the United States. Moreover, we were discussing Mr. Wagner speeches; his mains claimed on the speech were more concerned about the Harlem riots, stating that the obligation of police are under legal obligation to protect to themselves. He also said that the absolute choice for the local government was to maintain law and order. by “law and order” he meant outlawing discrimination in housing. Wagner claimed that law and order was the Negro’s best friend.